DVD Horse Power and Progress

by Erhard Schroll


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Ohio, Holmes County: The largest Amish settlement in the United States. The slightly hilly landscape here is characterized by small structured fields, meadows and forest areas. Beautiful farms testify to the thriving rural agriculture of the Amish, on whose fields only horses and mules are used for traction.


In 2008 the Horse Progress Days, the world's largest trade fair for modern horse traction equipment, took place here. A reason for the German author to visit Holmes County to get to know the country and its people better. The film gives a brief introduction to the religion, life and work of the Amish and, above all, an overview of current American horse-drawn equipment. It gives an impression of the possibilities offered by using horses in agriculture and forestry and briefly introduces the various American draft horse breeds. The recordings of the great tension, such as that of the twelve-in-hand in front of the four-share plow, leave lasting impressions.



  • movie length: ca. 68 minutes

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