About us

STRONG HORSES (Germ. STARKE PFERDE) is a German publisher that wants to promote work with horses in all areas that are suitable for this, support the breeding of suitable horse breeds, improve the exchange of information and stimulate and improve cooperation among horse people.

STARKE PFERDE publishes a quarterly magazine about working horses, also called STARKE PFERDE (written in German language), and also runs an online shop selling books, DVDs and calendars (some of them are produced by the publisher himself) as well as equipment for workhorses.

STARKE PFERDE magazine reports on working with horses in agriculture and forestry, the use of draft horses in work and leisure, the breeding of suitable animals and the history of working horses. We present companies and people, report on events, show possible uses and try to impart knowledge and experience in dealing with working horses and the use of a wide variety of work equipment and processes.

STARKE PFERDE magazine usually has more than 100 pages, has been published quarterly for 25 years and is available as a free subscription for all interested people. It is sent to subscribers in almost 30 countries in Europe and overseas, even if it only is published in german language.

The English online shop has also been set up since the end of 2022, offering international titles.